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Building a Garden Shed

Many of you who have gardens are often in need of a garden shed where you can store your tools and other important items that you use in your garden. A good garden shed is also great for storing all the summer furniture and decorations for your yard and gardens during the cold winter months when you are not out in your garden. Before building your garden shed, however, you need to get all the necessary bureaucratic paperwork done to have it built.

Planning Permission

Like building any kind of outside structure in Ireland, you always want to make sure whether you need planning permission or not, depending on the type of structure you want to build. When it comes to building your garden shed. Because in Ireland, planning permission is required for major structures, such as houses or places of business, some communities do require planning permission for garden sheds or other smaller structures, and some don’t.

When it comes to applying for planning permission, you want to first check with the community where your home is in Ireland and then check what structures are exempt from planning permission. In many Irish communities, if a garden shed might even be exempt from planning permission requirements if it falls into a certain size and does not protrude out in front of the house, much like building a garage.

Applying for planning permission might be a bit more easy than when applying for planning permission for your home. You want to check with the planning permission guidelines in your community and you can get plans for a garden shed that are pre-drawn to meet most planning permission guidelines. Now, if you find out that you do need planning permission to build your garden shed, these are the following steps that you would need to follow.

A. You need to have three types of planning permission that are required by most Irish communities to apply for planning permission for your garden shed. These include the plan outline, site or layout plan, and public notices. When building something in Ireland, you will find out that there can be a rigorous process. You would have to have at least six copies for the plan outline and site or layout plan. Furthermore, you will need to have many copies of the public notices for the local newspapers.
B. You must pay the appropriate council to pay for the process of the planning permission. You will then have to follow the regulations that are prescribed by the planning permission council.

You may want to look at the size of the garden shed that you are planning to build, because if it’s small enough, you might not even need to apply for planning permission. In many small communities throughout Ireland, you can build a garden shed with no need to apply for planning permission if the shed itself is less than or at 20 square meters.

Having a garden shed in your garden can solve many of the storage problems you might have with things, such as garden furniture, plant trellises, yard decorations, and also a place to store your garden tools, such as rakes, shovels, gardening trowels, and more.

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