How Much Does Building a New House Cost?

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Cost of building a house in Ireland

So you want to build your new home? Well, congratulations! There is nothing like being able to build your dream home and having your own place. As the old saying goes, a man’s home is his castle. Nothing can be closer to the truth.

However, before you get started building, you need to know a few things. This especially applies to building a new home. The main thing you need to find out is the cost of building a house in Ireland, and the percentages of the cost of each phase of the project. There are many different building costs in Ireland.

First is getting approval of your project. Ireland has some of the most strict building laws in Europe. The one challenging and most costly part of the planning stage is applying for and having the planning permission approved. The planning permission is the most important part of the planning stage and the foundation of the Irish equivalent of a building permit. This process can take up to five weeks or even longer. If you work on and apply for the planning permission in December, you can have even more delays due to certain holidays like Christmas etc.. You also need to calculate these days into the five week review period of your plans by the local authorities.

The initial application of the planning permission can be quite costly in itself. First, there is the initial administrative fees. Then, if God forbid, your planning permission is denied, you have to appeal it. Appealing the denial at the Bord Pleanala can also be very costly, costing an average of 660 euros. It can even get more expensive than that with an additional 220 euros for other issues with your planning permission and how to get it approved.

With the planning aside, the cost of building a new house can also add up when you purchase all the materials and hire the right construction company to start construction. To begin with one of the biggest costs can be the foundation. The foundation is also the most important part of the structure, so you don’t want to spare too much money on a good foundation. You get what you pay for and having a sound foundation for your new home to stand on is crucial to keep your house standing and a good livable structure for years to come.

The next expense is the walls. The walls can also be quite costly, especially if the house is of masonry construction. Masonry is slow and meticulous work. A good mason will see to it that the cement mix is just right and that the mortar is mixed to the right consistency of water, sand, and cement mix. Furthermore, cement and mortar needs to cure, thus most professional masons will take their time in building a masonry structure. Keep in mind that most structures in Ireland are masonry.

The roof can also be costly, with the average roof made from the best materials costing over 1,890 euros. There are also many other different costs which involve all the other essentials of the home, such as heating, electrical, plumbing, and other aspects of new construction.

You need to understand that knowing the costs of building a new home is very important before you take the plunge and start applying for the planning permission. You want to make sure you hire a good realtor and architect before you buy the land and start the process of building your dream home.

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